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1 on 1 tuition

One on one tuition is a boost up program for certain students who really require private attention. At Unique Academy, we have found one on one benefits students who may have either fallen behind in their studies, or find it difficult to learn in a group environment, or need some extra assistance before an exam. During our 1 to 1 sessions, we not only focus on students’ area of need but also on their skills in order for them to benefit in their school classroom environment.

Group tuition

At Unique Academy, small group tuition offers a boost to students who want to excel in their school subjects. In most school classrooms, there is only 1 teacher for up to 30 pupils which unfortunately makes it difficult for teachers to give full support to those who need it. Also, life is all about interacting with others, and quite often we need to work in teams to achieve a desired outcome. Therefore, group tuition complements this very fact of life. Students are placed into small group classes averaging between 6 to 8 students per class and work through curriculum material each week with the assistance of the tutor and their peers.